You Can Help Your Clients Prepare for Natural Disasters

July 12th, 2017

Are your clients prepared for the natural disasters common in your area? Natural disasters can occur with or without notice, but the best time to prepare is before one happens. Consider sharing preparation insight with your clients, whether through your newsletter, social media posts or even special free presentations. Not sure where to start? Start with these tips:

-Consider what natural disasters are the biggest threats in your region, whether wind storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, wildfire or earthquakes. Come up with a list of the top five things-to-do to prepare for the biggest threat.

-Remember that some basic planning is essential regardless of the type of disaster. Encourage your clients to have a plan for the following: food and water supply, prescriptions, cash, fuel, evacuation plan, communication plan and a personal item inventory list.

-Share how and what they should communicate to you – the insurance agent – after any natural disaster. At what point should you be called? Can any repairs to damages be done prior to your knowledge or approval?

Remember, you aren’t trying to instill fear. You are simply helping your clients be well informed and ready instead of distraught in the aftermath of disaster.