Fun Ways to Grow Your Agency This Summer

August 9th, 2017

Summer! Just the word has the power to make us happy. Did you know that summer is a perfect time to focus on growing your agency? Let’s look at some options and then you can find the one or two that work best for your agency and community.

Giveaway. You could have clients and others in your community enter a drawing for a beach towel, tickets to a summer event or another summer-themed item. Collect contact information, and reach out to those who are not yet your clients. You also can enlarge your email list for future marketing efforts.

Indulge. Have fun with your employees and share it! Maybe you have shorter office hours on Fridays during the summer, or schedule occasional employee picnics. Let your clients see the fun side of your office on your social media sites, in a newsletter or with pictures at the office. Clients are accustomed to seeing you when all is somber. Let them see you have fun, too!

Festivals. Events and festivals are plentiful in most communities each summer. Make sure you are involved in some way. It could be through a sponsorship, handing out popsicles or cups of water on a hot day, sharing giveaway items at an event, providing a banner or display or even just making available your business cards and brochures at community events.

Kids’ seminars. Families often look for activities for their children who are out of school. Consider running a free safety seminar for community children. It could be a short interactive session — think bicycle or water safety. Whatever it is, make it fun for the kids and welcoming for the adults.

At any of these summer events, remember to incorporate your brand and collect contact information. Then make sure to follow up with potential clients within a couple weeks of the event. Here’s to a great season!