Accelerating Your Success

At Assure Alliance, we have a variety of tools that can put you and your agency on the path to greater profitability and success. We’re proud to be the exclusive Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA) territory covering North Georgia and South Carolina. As an international alliance of independent agents, SIAA is dedicated to helping smaller independent property/casualty agencies grow while increasing their income and value.

We can help you increase agency revenue and value by accessing additional regional and national insurance companies, tapping specialty markets and opportunities, better competing with larger agencies, attracting quality producers and much more. One key way we help our members grow their agencies: Higher commissions, with an exclusive, dependable compensation model. We use our collective strength to negotiate for better compensation on behalf our independent agent members.

We can help you earn more income than your competitors through our Five Layers of Increased Income:

  1. Top Tier Base Commissions, typically between 15-20%
  2. AAI Profit Sharing Agreement or Fixed Value Based, with the added advantage of being at higher tiers
  3. AAI exclusive regional bonuses, typically with no loss ratio requirement, negotiated locally and based on new or total WP ranging from 5-10%
  4. SIAA exclusive PMSF bonuses, typically with no loss ratio requirement (unique in industry), based on new or total WP ranging from 1.5-3%. *PMSF are additional fees paid to members
  5. SIAA exclusive national profitability bonuses ranging from 0-8%

Assure Alliance is the largest network of independent Insurance agencies in the Southeast. Whether you’re an existing independent agent, captive agent, direct writer, financial services agent, employee benefits agent, a producer in an existing agency OR, are new to the insurance industry, we have ways to help take your agency to the next level of success. We’re here to serve with you without a long-term contract or commitment.

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