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Unbelievable Partners — A Personal Touch

“Assure Alliance has been an unbelievable partner, not just in the insurance world, but in the personal world as well."
Ken Kirkland, Premier Insurance Consultants, Greenville, SC
Member Since 2003

What Sets Us Apart

At Assure Alliance, we leverage the collective strength of a select group of agents spanning South Carolina and N. Georgia to negotiate and secure exclusive rates with carriers. We represent a carefully selected group of competitive national and regional insurance companies allowing you to place coverage with the company offering the best protection and most competitive rates. With Assure Alliance, you maintain your independence while joining a network of like-minded agents and benefiting from access to the same low rates as national insurers.


Higher Commission. Better Profitability.

Grow your agency through higher commissions, with an exclusive, dependable compensation model. We use our collective strength to negotiate for better compensation on behalf our independent agent members.

Expanded Carrier Choices

Gain access to a preferred list of carries only SIAA can offer members. Offer your clients more options and better pricing than the competition.

Preferred Agency Community

Join our community of supportive industry leaders, and share the unique bond we have with each other. Learn best practices and hear tips from peers who are working to grow their agencies.

Remain Independent

We don’t lock you into a long-term contract or limit your future potential. You run your agency; we’re simply here to help.

Join a National Alliance!

Founded in 1995, SIAA - The Agent Alliance is dedicated to the creation, retention and growth of the independent insurance agency distribution system. Today, it the largest alliance of indpendent insurance agencies nationwide.

With an Assure Alliance/SIAA affiliation, qualifying agencies will benefit from a wealth of opportunities. Whether you're an existing independent agent, captive agent, direct writer, financial services agent, employee benefits agent, a producer in an existing agency, or are new to the insurance industry, we have a solution for you.

We build long-term relationships with our carrier partners, and you receive the benefit. With Assure Alliance and SIAA, you gain instant credibility with new carriers!