Meet Our Members

"What I like most about Assure Alliance is the quality people we work with. Christine and Ben have done a great job of assembling a tremendous, professional organization. It's a joy to deal with the folks at Assure Alliance."

Steve Gebhardt
Southern Insurance Associates of Dunwoody • Member since 2015

"Frankly, without Assure Alliance it would have been very difficult for me to what I've been able to do. Beyond just the companies they bring to the table and some of the incentives . . . the back end support that you get from Assure Alliance is exceptional."

Raymond Scruggs
President, Odom, Scruggs & Associates • Member since 2008

"Immediately, I was able to go and attract clients. We went from a staff of zero in my home to a staff of six in an office. But you are truly self employed. You can make your own decisions, lead your business in the direction you want, and if you need some guidance, that is the major benefit of Assure Alliance."

Miles Merwin
Owner, Advisors Insurance Agency • Member since 2013

"Going from the captive world to an independent agency world can be tricky. But Assure Alliance made it very simple. Beyond negotiating contracts, beyond negotiating with the carriers, I met my management system vendor through Assure Alliance, I met my staffing vendor through Assure Alliance, I met my IT vendor through Assure Alliance. You get a lot more than just some carrier contracts with Assure Alliance."

Kevin DiPetrillo
President, Southern Insurance Advisors • Member since 2012

It's peaceful knowing that when a situation arises, we know that we can call and we know that the good folks at Assure Alliance will find an answer to our questions. 

Kevin Sims
Premier Insurance Consultants • Member since 2003

Assure Alliance has really helped our agency grow exponentially over the last few years through additional compensation and bonus monies that we've received from them. And we've been able to take those and pull them back into growing the agency through hiring producers and supplementing them with salaries and helping them get off their feet, which otherwise we would not have been able to do. 

Doug Walker
FCI Agency • Member since 2013

Assure Alliance has helped me more than just with the carrier piece of what we do. They've also helped me integrate employee compensation models. They have helped me develop employee processes. 

Russ Fender
Wannamaker Agency • Member since 2001

When we call, when we text, when we email, we get immediate feedback, immediate response. We certainly feel like they (Assure Alliance) have our best interest at heart. 

Ken Kirkland
Premier Insurance Consultants • Member since 2003
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