Our Team

At Assure Alliance, we understand the struggle to achieve success as an independent agent. With widespread consolidation and corporations negotiating lucrative contracts for their businesses, it seems harder than ever for independent agents. But Assure Alliance exists to help agents just like you! We know the barriers you face because we have experienced them personally, and now, our team is ready to help you overcome the obstacles to your dreams. With a deep industry background and strong regional knowledge, our team is prepared to start working with you today!

Heather_Grey.png Heather Gaston
Regional Vice President, Georgia
Tim_Grey.png Tim Henderson
Regional Vice President, South Carolina
2.png Chase Waters
Agency Growth Coach, Georgia
Sherri_Grey.png Sherri Crook
Agency Growth Coach, South Carolina
PRINT20211210_AssureAlliance_TaraJacksonStudios_TJS00464_Edit.jpg Dana Apple
Business Analyst
4.png Debra Kozak, CISR, CPIW
Access Plus Manager
Betty_Grey.png Betty Ramsey, CPIW
Placement Specialist, Commercial Lines
8F08E43C_F16D_42DD_9CBE_30A6A1D4EFF9.jpeg Christy Sloan, CISR
Placement Specialist, Personal Lines
E6BFA135_AFF8_436E_80CF_4838AF0FA06B.jpeg Linzee Brower
Placement Specialist, Personal Lines