Our Story

Elevating the Independent Agent

As an independent agent, our founder Ben Taylor was told: "captive agents and big brokers will always own the insurance market." Frustrated by the struggle against impersonal, nationwide corporations for a place in the market, Ben decided that something had to change. He was determined to control his own destiny, and in 2001, he founded South Carolina Agent Network (SCAN). SCAN connected like-minded, independent agencies throughout the state to leverage their collective strength with carriers.

Their modest movement multiplied. In 2007, SCAN acquired and merged with Georgia Agent Network and two years later expanded to include the South Carolina coastal territory. Their growing network needed a new name to reflect its accelerated growth and its enlarged focus. It became known as "Assure Alliance," the total solution for the independent agent.

From the beginning, we at Assure Alliance have prided ourselves on being members of the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA), established in 1983. Today SIAA is recognized as the most significant agency partnership in the U.S. Our status as a regionally exclusive SIAA Master Agency in this innovative, prestigious organization provides our members access to carrier partners typically unavailable to the independent agent. SIAA enables our members to compete with captive agencies by providing their clients with competitively priced insurance and the highest level of customer service.

Today, we continue to grow by partnering with agencies with a reputation for excellence and shared values. Since 2001, we have established ourselves as more than just an aggregation of 160 agencies just like yours. Our members have written over $340 million in premiums, and are dedicated to helping each other achieve their goals, which include higher commissions for consistently profitable agencies. Your achievements are the measure of our success. Together, we are the experts in the unique insurance landscape of South Carolina and Georgia.

We are Assure Alliance, and we Accelerate Your Success.

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Assure Alliance is proud to be the exclusive Strategic Independent...
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