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5 Components of a One Page Business Plan

Often when you hear “business plan” it sounds like some elaborate document and can be immediately overwhelming. A business plan should be the opposite. After attending Sitkins CEO bootcamp, we found valuable tips on how to compile those most effective business plan.

5 components of a One Page Business Plan:

  1. Mission Statement – What is your purpose, your why?
  2. Vision Statement – Where do you want to take your agency?  Think 3-5 years out…
  3. Critical Success Factors – What are the processes/behaviors that you will put into place to ensure your vision is met?
  4. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  -- How will your critical success factors equate to increase revenue and value to your Agency? You can’t monitor was isn’t measured.
  5. The One Thing - What is the one thing that you plan to be committed, widely communicated with staff and your consistent application of that all other things will be easier?

Strategic Project Implementation Tool (SPIT) is a great tool to help you work through the process of understanding what are the most valuable KPI’s for your agency and what needs to happen to achieve that desired outcome.  

Download a copy of Sitkin's Sample One Page Business Plan and Strategic Project Implementation Tool below:



To learn more, visit Sitkins.com. 


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