Develop your personal brand on LinkedIn

In the world of social media, there is no shortage of ways to connect with people. But what kind of people are you trying to connect with? If you’re on social media for the social aspect, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (to name a few) are great tools to keep up with family and reconnect with old friends. But if you’re looking to develop your personal brand and increase your professional network, then LinkedIn is where you need to be.

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, you need to present yourself in a professional way, of course. But many people don’t put enough effort into their Linkedin profile, which can hurt their chances of coming across polished and professional. Here are some simple and important elements of a strong Linkedin profile:

  1. A quality photo. We’re talking about a professional photo to put a face with a name. Profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without. Choose a professional and current image.
  2. Status updates. Save last night’s shenanigans for Facebook and post only about your professional progress and development. Congratulate a coworker about a promotion, praise an employee for doing a good job or share an interesting article. These types of posts keep your profile fresh and shows you are active and engaged.
  3. Connections. When you’re trying to make a connection, be sure to create your own request and don’t fall back on LinkedIn’s default request. Do a little research about the person, especially if you don’t know them. Building good connections will ensure your professional network is strong.
  4. A quality summary. Much like an objective on a resume, the summary is an opportunity to tell people about you and what you’ve accomplished. Write it in first person so it sounds more personal and energetic.
  5. A public profile. Make your profile public. That makes it easy for people to find it.
Category: Agent Success