Helping Your Agency Grow Income and Value

As the owner of a new or small insurance agency, you likely feel like you’re at a real disadvantage to larger and more established agencies. At Assure Alliance, we’re dedicated to helping smaller independent property/casualty agencies become more competitive and grow, increasing both their income and value. We do that by providing agencies in our network with a number of business opportunities that can help them grow bigger and more successful.

Large account pricing and placement assistance can help smaller agencies compete with larger agencies, We represent a carefully selected group of competitive national and regional insurance companies that allow you to place coverage with the company offering the best protection and most competitive rates. Your customers will appreciate that! We also help agencies better attract quality producers with additional compensation. We can help your agency diversify and offer more to your customers. We have a variety of other tools designed to help small agencies compete with large agencies as well.

We know how important it is to not only increase revenue, but to keep costs under control. We have a number of ways we help our agencies do that, such as discounts on office supplies and shipping. Small agencies don’t always enjoy the same volume discounts that larger agencies do, so we help level the playing field.

Assure Alliance is part of the Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA), an international alliance dedicated to helping smaller independent property/casualty agencies grow while increasing their income and value. As a Strategic Master Agency, Assure Alliance maintains an exclusive SIAA territory covering Georgia and South Carolina. We love getting to know our members and how we can best help them.

Questions? We’d love to help you learn about all the ways we can help your agency grow. Contact us today!