Assure Alliance: Your Partner in Success

What if you could double your agency’s income? Increase your agency’s value by 50 percent? At Assure Alliance, we want you to dream big! As the broker with exclusive Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA) territory covering North Georgia and South Carolina, we are committed to helping smaller independent property/casualty agencies grow while increasing their income and value. Simply put, we’re here to help your agency grow and succeed.

At Assure Alliance, we provide an effective way for direct writers, captive agents and producers to establish independent agencies from scratch. We also can help captive agents who wish to go out on their own. And we specialize in helping small agencies grow. No matter the size of your agency, we can help with growth strategies. We have been helping agencies for decades and we’re the largest agency alliance available today.

Let us put our strength to work for you. By joining our network, your agency will be able to access regional and national insurance companies, enjoy large account pricing and placement assistance, take advantage of overrides and growth bonuses, attract quality producers with additional compensation and much more! We represent a carefully selected group of competitive national and regional insurance companies, allowing you and your agency to place coverage with the company offering the best protection and most competitive rates.

We’re a proven tool for independent agents. We’re not new; we’ve been helping insurance agencies since 1983. Many small agencies feel that they are at a disadvantage to large agencies in a number of different ways. We understand that it can be extremely challenging to compete with larger agencies with greater resources. That’s why we work hard to level the playing field. With us, you can become instantly ‘big’ — no matter your current size —and enjoy the same advantages of larger agencies. Take advantage of the security that comes with belonging to the largest agency alliance in existence.

Questions? Call us at 855-3-ASSURE or e-mail us at info@assurealliance.com. We look forward to hearing from you!