What Is Your Insurance Agency's Brand?

What is your insurance agency’s brand? Branding is an essential part of growing a successful insurance business. A brand is what sets an agency apart from the competition. It’s how customers and potential customers identify and connect with the agency and its employees. It’s what the agency stands for and what it strives to be.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a brand for your agency:

Define your mission. What is your agency’s overarching goal? Sure, you provide quality insurance products and strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction. Dig a little deeper. How is your agency different from other insurance agencies? How does your agency offer a better customer experience? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and really think about the things that you want them to see in your business. Spend some time crafting a strong mission statement and refer to it frequently to make sure you’re staying true to your vision.

Find your voice. Choosing an appropriate voice for your agency (and sticking to it) will give your brand a strong identity. Do you want your agency’s messages to be conversational, or do you want your brand to have a more professional tone? Do you want to sound formal or informal? Do you have a goofy sense of humor Your voice should reflect your mission and purpose, and it needs to really resonate with your audience across all of your marketing channels, including social media.

Make it unified. Does your agency have a unified logo and color scheme? Everything from your agency’s website to advertising to social channels and printed marketing materials should be supportive of each other. Even your photography needs to fit the brand’s identity, so make sure you have standards in place before moving forward with any marketing or advertising.

Be consistent. The most important part of branding is staying consistent. Your marketing efforts should consistently reinforce your mission.

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