Agent Resources

Trusted Partners. Undeniable Advantage.

At Assure Alliance, we represent a carefully selected group of competitive national and regional insurance companies, and are backed by SIAA, where the guidance, resources, and training provided is unparalleled in the industry.

What does this include?

PMSF_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Quarterly and year-end strategic partner incentives paid to member agencies. Year-end incentives based on overall book performance.
Access_Plus_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Used for member agencies to access non-appointed carriers and provide a gateway to earning direct codes. Ultimately, our goal is to have over 95% of member agency business placed in direct codes.
MarketFinder_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Exclusive web-based resource for member agencies to access numerous excess & surplus lines and specialty markets, as well as strategic partner program business.
BIA_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Step-by-step program designed to efficiently build "main street" commercial lines books of business for member agencies and strategic partners for retention, income and value.
Premier_Families_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Training and mentoring program that provides insight and tools to help member agencies become the trusted advisor to successful households.
Agency_Foundation_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Fast track system to help new members become a successful and profitable independent agency and agency owner. Real-time assistance and support to start-up independent insurance agencies. Creating a solid base for agency growth, income and value.
Book_Profitability_Management_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png In concert with strategic partner companies, actively identify, monitor and manage member agency business placed with strategic partners for quality and profitability.
TLC_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Sales training, continuing education curriculum and more - designed to help member agencies increase growth, income and value. This training resource, including insurance agency product education, assists member agencies in preparing for the future.
Marketing_Logo_RGB_Low_06232023.png Marketing services and tools needed to increase sales, cross-sell, and retain clients - includes traditional, digital, and social marketing channels.
Life_And_Benefits_RGB_Low_06232023.png Providing revenue, account-rounding, and retention of clients through life insurance (and group & individual benefits and supplemental coverages) by making submissions easy with quality partner companies and favorable commissions.