Ways to Combat Employee Demotivation

For most of us, work is a fact of life. It is regrettable when an employee goes to work feeling deflated and perhaps showing up for nothing more than a paycheck. As a manager of employees, you’ve likely seen it in your own workplace. Here are a few ways to combat employee demotivation in the workplace.

Goal Setting

Do you want to know a guaranteed way to frustrate an employee? Give unclear goals or better yet, no goals at all. There is nothing worse on a job than not knowing what is expected of you. Make job performance goals clear from the beginning, and let the employee talk out any areas that are unclear.


From the earliest age, humans want to fit in with their peers. We are not solitary creatures. We need and want acceptance and to feel like we belong. Do you have an employee who feels like the “odd one out?” Teambuilding activities can bring a department or an office together. This can be through social activities or through work meetings. Encourage everyone to participate and leave no one out. Listen to all ideas presented and make all employees feel included.


If your employees do a good job, let them. You don’t have to painstakingly oversee every detail of every project for it to be a success. Employees thrive in workplaces where supervisors allow creative thoughts to run freely. Don’t stifle your employees’ creativity by trying to micromanage. Let it go and appreciate the good job your employees are doing for you.

Have Fun

Plan some fun activities for everyone in the office routinely throughout the year. A dull workplace can be a chief factor in employee demotivation. Let your hair down once in a while and let everyone have some fun!

These are just a few simple ideas to keep your employees happy and performing their best. This cliché is worth repeating—happy employees are productive employees!

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